PET bottles for wine


All types of wine are sensitive to oxygen. Light, whether UV or visible, triggers various chemical reactions especially in red wines that cause changes in taste and color. The main objective behind this development was to replicate the shapes of glass bottles such as Bordeaux or Burgundy for PET bottles as well. The need to offer a barrier to light, oxygen and possibly sulphites was an important challenge to overcome. In the production of wine, sulphites are used as preservatives and it is very important to prevent their permeation. Plastic bottles are used for still wines, especially in some areas / countries and for particular reasons especially related to safety (events, aircraft, etc.).


We have obtained the traditional shapes of glass bottles guaranteeing the shelf life with the help of barrier additives. By selecting the right additives we have avoided unwanted reflections especially in the case of red wines; the goal was also not to alter the color and thus avoid the risk of loss of attractiveness of the bottle containing the product. We also considered the option of not adding color to white wine bottles even though barrier additives are always needed. The shelf-life guaranteed by the barrier is 9-12 months.



Features and Benefits

  • They are lighter than glass bottles;
  • They are unbreakable and therefore guarantee greater safety;
  • They are easily recyclable;
  • They reduce CO2 emissions;
  • They are transparent and resealable, with an aluminum or plastic cap.

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