Packaging solutions

The design of a successful packaging

We offer you a wealth of PET design, engineering and production knowledge all in one place. SIPA takes a truly holistic packaging development approach based on experience with the entire supply chain. Plus, SIPA is the only company offering innovation and engineering capabilities in both injection and blowing processes. You can consult SIPA experts for advice and solutions at any stage of the PET production process to keep costs down and productivity high.

That’s where our packaging expertise comes in.

“Our technical, creative and marketing professionals”

will collaborate with you on all kinds of packaging projects. SIPA’s “better bottle” development ensures you can achieve your goals for market appeal and functionality while reducing risks and costs. Design ideas undergo rigorous testing and development via process engineering and our uniquely advanced prototyping before blow moulds are manufactured to produce the final container


"Packaging is product showcase"

The packaging a consumer sees on the shelf greatly influences the purchase decisions. Ideally, bottle design marries perfect function with seamless brand expression. To reach that ideal, final containers and preforms must complement each other perfectly.

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