Mould production

Technological leadership

With 40 years of technical experience in the field of moulds and machinery for the production of PET containers, SIPA is today the world’s second-largest mould maker, with state of the art tooling facilities in 2 continents (Italy and China) and more than 350 people involved in the design and manufacturing of moulds.

SIPA is the only company offering innovation and engineering capabilities in both injection and blowing processes. You can consult SIPA experts for advice and solutions at any stage of the PET production process to keep costs down and productivity high.

SIPA is able to deliver global tooling programs for new moulds or mould conversions from single to 200 cavities. To ensure top quality, every SIPA mould is tested before shipping on dedicated XFORM machines. Over the years we have developed extensive knowledge of many different applications, even the most specialised ones, from narrow necks to wide mouths and thick walls.
SIPA offers capillary set-up and commissioning for installation of SIPA and competing machine moulds. Our field engineers will be right by your side to provide complete process solutions for SIPA and non-SIPA machines. We can also provide an accurate refurbishing and conversion service for PET preform moulds, with specialised centres in 4 continents.