Complete lines

Complete, flexible and customised lines

Sipa specialises in the supply of complete bottling lines for PET bottles filled with mineral water, soft drinks, juices and sensitive products, milk and dairy products, edible oil, alcoholic beverages, food products, household detergents and personal care products.

A full range that combines diverse yet complementary skills, giving a 360° view of packaging. Sipa is the only supplier on the market capable of providing you with specific know-how for the entire bottling process, from the design and production of preforms and containers all the way to the creation of turnkey production lines.
A global service that is not only made up of technology and quality, but also of passion, creativity and the ability to listen to the actual needs of those who want to build a system with us: “building systems around our customer”.
Sipa is the ideal partner with whom to imagine and create your projects: Feel free to imagine, we make it happen.

We provide solutions for extremely flexible, high efficiency and highly customised bottling lines: by means of engineering activities we are able to design solutions that satisfy our customers' most diverse manufacturing requirements.
The added value of the "line" product: engineering, standardisation and customisation.


  • The customer's production needs.
  • The structural limits of the area in which the line is to be installed.
  • The machines and conveyors making up the system.
  • The cost of the individual components.
  • Our commitment to respecting the Environment.
  • System operating flexibility and optimisation of logistic flows.
  • Guaranteeing a reduced global TCO.

Our experience allows us to define specific standards, both for the quality of service and components (standardisation).
Finally, the systems are designed and created to meet the specific needs of each individual customer, while respecting the high standards of quality guaranteed by our Company (customisation).