Technological upgrades

A service to optimise efficiency and productivity

To maintain a high level of reliability for bottling machines and lines over time, and above all to increase performance and the value of investments, the SIPA Life Cycle Service Team offers all its customers the availability of technological upgrades to make their machines future-proof, efficient and productive, like those of the latest generation.

The Technological Upgrades comprise technical improvements to existing machines or lines, the feasibility of which is assessed following an on-site visit by a team of experts. Those are the right solutions whether the installed systems require an increased output, greater reliability, a speedier performance of some operations, reduced production costs, improving the final product and plant safety and replacement of obsolete components.


The advantages:

  • Constant update on the new technological upgrades available in the dedicated area in Echo platform
  • Better plant performance and quality
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Retrofitting of systems to bring the plant into line with the most evolved technology
  • Quicker format change
  • Improvement of safety conditions with new generation safeguards
  • Remote control of the machine and network monitoring connection technology
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