Technical training

Flexible training schemes customised to suit the actual needs of the customer.

To guarantee maximum production efficiency and work in full safety, it may not be enough for your plant to be in a perfect state. It is fundamental that the staff responsible for operation and maintenance of the machinery is also adequately trained and constantly updated. For this reason, SIPA offers different training levels and plans, including customised ones, to improve and develop the knowledge of operators, maintenance teams and all the professional figures involved in the manufacturing process and in product quality control. Advanced technologies and multimedia training tools, combined with new-generation teaching methods, are the fundamental tools with which the SIPA Customer Service provides training that is specifically designed and provided to meet the customer’s actual needs.

The advantages:

  • Specialized training on machinery and processes
  • Modular training designed for every SIPA technology to be selected on Echo platform
  • Customisable training sessions at various levels (operators, maintenance technicians, automation technicians and process technicians)
  • Skill audits and assessment of customer staff

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