Technical Support

The global on site, remote, augmented reality service that guarantees real time assistance.

To be at your side and to deal with your requests in the shortest possible time: this is our commitment. In order to improve the timeliness of actions and overcome all geographical obstacles, SIPA also provides a Remote Assistance service dedicated to connected machines, with the ability to provide remote support, software updates and guidance for technicians on site using an innovative Augmented Reality platform, XRAY an innovative Augmented Reality platform.

Please watch our Teleservice with augmented reality video HERE

The Customer Care service is managed through a three level technical support, with constant tracing and sharing of customer tickets, to ensure that the right specialist is always assigned based on the problem to be solved.

We are always at your service:

SIPA TELESERVICE: the flagship of SIPA technology for remote technical support that allows you to significantly reduce the response time of technical assistance by interacting directly with Sipa machines remotely and save costs. Field technicians, equipped with augmented reality glasses or standard mobile devices, can communicate with experts remotely by sharing videos and diagrams. The expert can draw from the client's visualization, explaining how to perform a specific task with virtual indicators.

A Ticketing Center is available 24/7, 365 days a year and in your own language.


E-mail: – Help Desk: +39 0438 914 400

The advantages:

  • Always at hand and available for our Customers
  • Dedicated engineers specialised in every technology
  • Fast, effective solutions
  • Ability to analyse and monitor the machine’s operating status in real time
  • With XRAY it is possible to obtain remote, real time technical support

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