Original spare parts

The right solution to guarantee SIPA standards of quality.

The use of original spare parts guarantees the SIPA standard of quality and ensures that the performance and lifespan of the systems will remain unchanged in the medium and long term. We are committed to ensuring the rapid availability of spare parts in every part of the world. For this reason SIPA has developed a logistics process and strategically located warehouses, fully integrated with each other to allow widespread distribution of spare parts. The Supply Chain has also been fully re-engineered to complete all orders within the time foreseen and provide a flexible response to delivery needs.

The spare parts catalogue is precise and easy to consult. It is available in the 3D manuals supplied as an integral part of the machine, and through the ECHO platform in the wharehouse area.

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The advantages:

  • Interactive manuals and new dedicated e-commerce area for spare parts management in the ECHO portal
  • Fast order dispatch, monitoring and shipment control from Echo portal
  • Certainty that the component will be compliant and guaranteed by SIPA
  • World wide logistic centres

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