Hot runner refurbishment

A flexible service package to extend the mould lifecycle

SIPA LCS offers a series of preventive maintenance and regeneration plans for the Hot Runner components of injection moulds, designed and guaranteed to reduce unplanned machine stoppage costs to a minimum.

We offer 3 service levels:

Level 1 - Preventive maintenance

To set up the Hot Runner and avoid forced stoppage time, replacing all the high wear components.

Level 2 – Intermediate regeneration

To return the Hot Runner to an optimum state, eliminating all air and PET leaks.

Level 3 - Full refurbishment

To restore the Hot Runner to like-new conditions, replacing all moving components and those subject to wear with new spare parts.

Additional services:

  • Mould assembly and dismantling
  • Packaging for transport
  • FCA delivery to SIPA reconditioning centres
  • Specialist service technician to coordinate installation and start-up of the reconditioned component
2 r hot runner ok
2 r hot runner1

The advantages:

  • Restoration of mould performance and quality of spare parts: longer life cycle
  • Improved preform quality
  • Increased output and efficiency
  • Know-how and ability to restore SIPA hot runners of any generation
  • Overall operating savings

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