Diagnostic visits, analysis and solutions to guarantee the efficiency of plant.

SIPA Life Cycle Service audits help you identify losses in efficiency along the production line, and make the right improvements to keep performance high and optimise your investment plans.

In order to be fully effective, every maintenance operation must start from an audit plan. Using a full check-up, our technicians provide the SIPA Life Cycle Service Team with a detailed picture of the state of the plant, and they then draw up a targeted maintenance plan and a list of spare parts required to maintain maximum efficiency.

Only an inspection this thorough will highlight every sign of wear, and is the key to maintenance that will restore the machine to its original conditions.


  • Verification of performance and manufacturing efficiency
  • Analysis of the operating status of machines and lines
  • Necessary maintenance status
  • Verification of component wear
  • Verification of process and product quality
  • Auxiliary checks
  • Operator team assessment
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The advantages :

  • SIPA know-how
  • Team of specialist engineers available
  • A world wide network of technicians
  • Customisable audit plans
  • Guarantee of spare parts and consumable prescribed by SIPA
  • Plant optimisation
  • Energy efficiency

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