XFORM is open for savings

One of the great advantages of SIPA’s XFORM, PET preform injection molding system, is its openness. XFORM stands out from other important brands in the global marketplace in its ability to accept preform tooling from other major producers.

Obviously, SIPA believes that it produces the best PET preform molds in the world, and likes it best when customers run XFORM machines with SIPA molds. But there is a lot of legacy tooling still being used, and SIPA wants preform producers to get the most out of it. Now, SIPA is making its XFORM machines even more welcoming.

When it comes to PET preform tooling, there is often a lot more to it than just the mold. That’s why the new XFORM 250 GEN 4 XP preform injection molding system not only accepts non-SIPA molds and EOATs, it also accepts pin plates for preform cooling and removal coming from alternative suppliers.

XFORM was conceived as a flexible, versatile, welcoming system. With this latest development, SIPA is going the extra mile to help its customers get the most out of complementary equipment in which they have already invested good money.

SIPA’s Global Sales Director, Preform Systems & Tooling says “We are entering a period of great uncertainty. Buying decisions are going to be harder than ever to make for companies in a highly competitive business like rigid packaging. SIPA is doing its best to help customers get the biggest bang for their bucks. Allowing them to use their existing pin plates on new SIPA machines is the latest example of how we are trying to make their lives a little bit easier.”