The Agreement between SIPA and Ministry of Environment to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency

An agreement has been signed to reduce emissions and improve the energy efficiency of SIPA Spa, a leading company in designing and manufacturing systems for PET preforms and containers as well as complete lines. The agreement has been signed on the first day of Ecomondo (the Green Technology Expo in Rimini) by the Minister of the Environment Gian Luca Galletti and Gianfranco Zoppas, president of Zoppas Industries.

The intent was born from the recent introduction of Xtreme Renew, the world's first single-cycle system for the production of food-grade preforms containing up to 100% of recycled Pet, creating a perfect circularity, with the future goal to be extended to all manufacturing processes of the company.

Purpose of the agreement and relative working program is to analyze and enhance the sustainability of SIPA identifying the environmental management procedures of the company's products and processes, starting from Xtreme Renew, firstly by calculating the environmental footprint generated by products and processes life cycle (life cycle assessment) and secondly identifying improvement and optimization measures in accordance with ISO 14040 norms.

The working plan will start from the calculation of the environmental footprint to identify actions aimed at reducing emissions and saving energy at the various stages of the product life cycle and production plant. These will be accompanied by possible greenhouse gas compensation actions in case reductions is not possible and by a transparent communication of the results.

Sipa is the first company in its industry to engage in a comprehensive and coherent project to reduce the environmental footprint, a complex indicator that includes specific product and process characteristics, including greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, energy and other resources consumption. For the accomplishment of this project, Sipa engaged eAmbiente for technical support, an environmental consultancy company led by Gabriella Chiellino.

"We are honored to have on our side Minister Gian Luca Galletti, on a path that will lead us to reduce emissions and improve our energy efficiency, in accordance with the principles expressed in United Nations 2030 Agenda and in the Paris Protocol - declares Gianfranco Zoppas, President of Zoppas Industries. This is a confirmation of our commitment to combine environmental sustainability and economic development. We strongly believe that also industrial companies can contribute to deliver a better world for future generations. This is why we have developed a system like Xtreme Renew that allows to implement the principles of the circular economy: production of new products by collecting and regenerating waste material, thus avoiding its dispersion into the environment. "

Xtreme Renew is a gather of technological innovation that can reduce energy consumption and CO2 releases, optimize plant management costs and save space within manufacturing facilities. The plant is a real revolution in the production cycle of plastic containers: it is part of a completely sustainable circular economy, with less use of raw material - about 10% (the world consumption of plastic bottles is 16 million tons per year), energy savings exceeding 20% per year, 15% less on TCO and a 20% reduction on space.