SMART installations

Remote Support for Equipment and System Installation

Despite the difficulties caused by Covid-19, SIPA is fully operational and ready to provide a high level of services to support its customers during this emergency, through its local networks, remote help desk and troubleshooting.

Since the very beginning of this crisis, SIPA has been collaborating with its various sources of supply to ensure the provision of necessary parts and technical upgrades to its customers. Using its partnerships with major logistics companies, SIPA is fully active in minimizing the effects resulting from the intensification of controls at customs and delays in logistics. Operations relating to shipment and supply are at full regime, so SIPA remains in a position to serve its customers.

The evolution of this global pandemic is difficult to predict, as are the changes in containment actions that each country adopts through introduction of internal restrictions and limitations on the movement of people. SIPA wants to remain close to its customers via various initiatives to overcome limitations introduced for the containment of the coronavirus; for this reason, it has developed a smart, remote, approach to follow the installation of machines and systems.

This is possible because our experts have developed special procedures that cover all installation steps, from the unloading of the machine parts through to the assembly and connection of all the functional groups.

To carry out this activity, a local work team, to be led remotely by our experts, needs to be set up. This local team will be promptly assessed in relation to the situation of country restrictions and the availability of our staff. Depending on the situation, the team assigned to the activity can be composed of both SIPA technicians and certified collaborators of SIPA customers.

Experts in our local branches will follow each step of the installation phase, providing indications and giving answers in real time, thanks to the advantage of being in the same time zone. In addition, SIPA provides a further level of control and checks, involving the best resources available in our headquarters in Italy.

Software applications and IT tools used to ensure the success of this execution are simple; we believe that simple channels are the most effective means in times of difficulty.

For technicians and customer collaborators, all that is required is a smartphone loaded with a commonly used messaging App (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) to allow communication and exchange of photos and videos between the team in the plant and the remote staff. It is important to check mobile network coverage with the local telephone provider, and/or accessibility to the plant WIFI network.

Finally, it is important to provide a laptop with audio/video call capability to use for daily meetings and follow up, and at least one high definition video camera connected on-line to allow the SIPA team to monitor each phase of installation.

Never far away is our motto. Even in this difficult time, SIPA intends to provide the best possible service and support for all our customers and business partners, wherever they are.