SIPA strengthens its partnership with ENGEL in PET preform production systems

SIPA is strengthening its partnership with injection molding machine manufacturer Engel Austria GmbH. The two companies, which already work together on the development and production of SIPA’ large-cavitation system, have finalized an agreement aimed at consolidating their strategic cooperation. This will result in the launch of two additional platforms in the coming months. Details on clamp sizes will be available shortly.

The two new platforms will accept small and medium-size molds, complementing the XFORM 500, which is capable of handling the largest molds from any suppliers. Engel already supplies the base machine for this platform, which was introduced to the market in 2012 and is now being released in its third generation. The excellent performance achieved with this platform, which has been received very well by preform producers around the world, has convinced SIPA to expand the cooperation with Engel across the whole system size range.

“The XFORM 500 has proven to be extremely reliable, with very low maintenance requirements, and high flexibility in running legacy tooling,” says Mr. Gianfranco Zoppas, SIPA Chairman. “With the latest GEN3 version, our customers will be able to operate with significantly shorter cycle times and higher energy efficiencies.”

The unique expertise of SIPA in PET packaging development combined with the Engel know-how in manufacturing best-in-class injection molding systems will result in delivering to the customers an exceptional value, capitalizing a 30+ year of experience of SIPA in the PET market.
With the expansion in its product range, along with the latest development achieved in large-cavitation preform tooling – as well as the recent introduction of the Xtreme injection-compression system, already in industrial production in Japan - SIPA predicts a significant increase of its market share. This will allow it to consolidate its position as one of the top suppliers of preforms systems and tooling in the world.