SIPA refurbishing centres are being… refurbished!

SIPA has several specialist centres around the world dedicated to refurbishing and upgrading molds and hot runner systems for PET preforms. In the last few months, two of these operations, serving South America and Southeast Asia, have themselves been refurbished. The respective operations are in São Paulo, Brazil, and in Bangkok, Thailand.

The South America Refurbishment and Conversion Toolshop in São Paulo, Brazil is actually very new. SIPA moved into the location, which also serves as its South American hub for sales and technical service, just a few months ago, after it out-grew its previous site.

The new center covers an area of 1100m2, full of equipment incorporating the very latest technologies, providing SIPA mold experts with capacity to upgrade at least six molds every month. VP Brazil & Conosur Director at SIPA Sul America, emphasizes that SIPA is working on molds made by any major preform mold maker, not just SIPA itself.

Discussing developments in Southeast Asia, head of the SIPA subsidiary in Bangkok, says: “We now have a technology area covering 320m2, and the capability to refurbish around 30 molds a year. We have a team of highly specialized professionals in Bangkok, giving molds the best of care. As we say in all our refurbishment centres, wherever they are, when we have finished our work, your mold works like the first day!

“Our aim for this mould refurbishment centre is for it to be the hub for services in the whole region. Southeast Asia is of course a vast area including many countries, so the services we can offer do depend to a certain extent on the import/export procedure of each country and on individual country rules and regulations. Some countries are easier to work with from here in Thailand than others”.

Today, SIPA operates mold refurbishing centres at its headquarters in Vittorio Veneto, Italy, as well as across the Americas (four in total) and Asia (Bangkok). The company’s most recent investments, not just in Brazil and Thailand but also in the USA, have proven to be hits with customers, with major projects being carried out for some of the most important PET preform producers.