SIPA opens its doors to the creativity of future packaging designers

SIPA welcomed students and teachers of the First Level Master in Eco Packaging Design of the Politecnico di Torino. The visit is part of SIPA's program of opening to schools and universities by creating an important exchange between the company and the students. The school-industry relationship is essential to give substance to concepts that would otherwise remain theoretical.

SIPA therefore aims to make students aware of its reality made of technological innovation and care for the environment by opening, as in the case of the Politecnico of Turin, to collaborations and internships.

The company has always been attentive to innovation and environmental aspects, which is why it is important that the figures who will be trained with the master in Eco Packaging Design know SIPA and can in the future collaborate with the company bringing fresh and sustainable ideas in the design of a functional and recyclable packaging.

The designers of tomorrow had the opportunity to see SIPA’s industrial reality and the different technologies where the packaging they will design will be produced, concretely following their path from conception to industrial production. The students have in fact appreciated this aspect, understanding that the design of a packaging is not an end in itself but must be manufacturable on an industrial scale and obviously with the least possible impact on the environment.

Packaging sustainability, today, in fact, influences 43% of consumers in the choice of products. As many as 48% say they have stopped buying consumer goods that had over-packaging and 23% have increased the purchase of bulk products. However, 41% are not willing to pay a higher price for eco-friendly packaging.

In this scenario, the designer today plays a fundamental role in taking into account the entire life cycle of packaging: not only its primary function but a complex ecosystem made up of social repercussions, relationships, messages to be transmitted, behaviors to be promoted.

During the course, students will develop technical, narrative and economic skills: from the methodology to conceive the packaging project as part of a complex and sensitive system, to in-depth studies on physical, material and ergonomic characteristics; from communication and its languages to the management of environmental, social and economic impacts of information and material flows.

The Master, organized with Systemic Design oriented logic, is based on the principle of constant and constructive collaboration, with the ultimate goal of providing a complex vision of the investigated phenomena. With this in mind, a month of laboratory will also start shortly, which includes a constant exchange with SIPA tutors. There will also be an opportunity for Master's students to do internships in the company.