SIPA, LARGE SIZE CONTAINERS. ONE STOP SOLUTION.From initial concept to reality.

When it comes to developing an application in PET containers, SIPA has it all. Not only does it make the equipments to produce the container –fill it and palletize it - but it also has the technology, material knowledge, design expertise to take an initial concept all the way through to reality.

SIPA can provide truly independent advice on the best resin to use, it can design the optimum preform, it can act as a partner in fine-tuning the design of the container itself, it can produce and test prototypes.

This is a unique offering that applies just as much to large containers as it does to bottles and jars. When we say large, we mean large - all the way up to 30-liter and beyond. SIPA can apply its expertise to containers for all sorts of applications as well as all sizes: water, CSD, beer, vegetable oils, mineral oils, detergents, chemicals, etc..

SIPA’s strength lies in its ability to understand the needs of the customer and develop a container that meets all of their requirements. SIPA can help design a container with improved ergonomics to make it easier to lift: one innovative example are the 2 shapes of Grip Easy design. Beside the traditional inserted side handle, SIPA designed two new shapes of returnable containers for dispensers that enhance the convenience on 5-US-gallon bottle handling.

On the side of one way dispenser bottles, SIPA gives you the possibility to get a shape that stands out of the shelf keeping all the high performances needed to go smoothly on the industrial lines. This category also includes the collapsible containers for dispenser which weigh s at least 3 times less and being self-collapsible saving space for recycling.

SIPA can also suggest subtle changes that enable more containers to fit onto a pallet – vertically as well as horizontally - so the pallet is full of bottles, rather than full of air. As a result the logistic cost can be dramatically reduced with any impact on the market distribution.