SIPA design and lab testing for wine bottles

PET bottles for wine are increasing in popularity especially in some countries/regions and for some reasons related to safety (special events, in airplanes, etc). They can indeed offer other advantages beside infrangibility: they are lighter compared to glass ones (think of transportation), they can be resealable, produce less CO2 during they production and are easily recyclable.Along the years, SIPA designers made efforts to design bottles with glass like appearance and classic wine bottle shapes: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Riesling and Champagne shape.SIPA’s laboratory made several tests with PET barrier additives as all wines, reds and whites, are sensitive to oxygen and light which can produce several chemical reactions causing alteration of taste and color. Barrier additives are also added in order to guarantee a good enough barrier for at least 12-24 months of shelf-life.

Bottle production for all outputs and shapes

All SIPA’s systems for the production of containers are basically suitable for the production of PET bottles for wine: for small to medium production outputs with blended PET bottles a single stage ECS SP can be used. For larger size bottles, multilayer and blended preforms the best option is linear blowmolder SFL EVO. When the need is for higher outputs, XTRA rotary blowing system is the choice.

SIPA is also a specialist for depalletizing, palletizing and cartoning and wrapping systems

Beside the design and production of plastic bottles for wine, SIPA has to offer a consolidated range of systems dedicated to traditional glass bottle packing. A variety of depalletizer, palletizers, cartoning, carton erectors and case packers solutions are serving all line speeds as well as complex carton manipulations up to pallet wrap-around.

Turnkey systems

SIPA supplies not only individual elements of a wine bottling and packaging line, but also complete integrated lines, designed and built to individual customer requirements. SIPA’s engineering and quality departments are engaged in ongoing market scouting to discover the best and most advanced application technologies, qualification of suppliers in terms of business characteristics and technical solutions, and the creation of long-term partnerships for provision of the most-required equipment.