Customers came from far and wide for premieres of XTREME SINCRO CUBE and XTRA rotary stretch-blow-molding system

SIPA’s latest Open House in Vittorio Veneto drew customers from all over the world for a first look at a unique line taking PET pellets to filled and capped bottles via ground-breaking XTREME preform injection-compression molding, latest generation bottle blowing, and Flextronic filling. They also saw a brand-new baby stretch-blow molding machine, which is already up and running – very quickly! The new XTREME SINCRO CUBE system and the XTRA 14 SBM unit were put through their paces every day from October 22 to 26.

Visitors came from all across Europe, from North, South and Central America, from Africa and the Middle East. SIPA gave them a full demonstration of the capabilities of the systems, and provided them with typical Italian hospitality.
The XTREME SINCRO CUBE is compact, flexible and easy to operate. It is also very clean, since there is no intermediate handling step between preform molding and blowing. For the same reason, preforms don’t suffer any scratching. Energy consumption is minimized too, since the preforms only go through minimal reheating prior to blowing. XTREME compression molding also helps produce bottles with an extraordinary performance. It goes almost without saying that SIPA’s Flextronic bottle filling is state-of-the art.

SIPA unveiled its XTRA family of SBM machines only a few months ago, but it is growing already. At the Open House was the latest model, which has 14 blowing cavities. All XTRA units offer the highest unit output in the sector: 2,550 bottles per hour per cavity. That’s down in large part to the extra-wide processing angle they have, which allows for stress-free blowing at high speed. Once again, reduced energy consumption is a key feature too. All this adds up to the best TCO in the market.

The October Open House is over, but fireworks have only just begun. In November (19 to 23), SIPA has a second Open House, where it will premiere the fourth generation (GEN4) of its XFORM preform injection molding system, as well as its smallest injection-stretch-blow molding machine, the 25-tonne ECS SP 25.