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YIHAI KERRY continues its collaboration with SIPA in preform and bottle production

Major vegetable oil producer Yihai Kerry is once again banking on SIPA in a new investment for its packaging lines. The Shanghai-headquartered company, part of Wilmar International, Asia’s leading agribusiness group, produces edible oils, feed meals, rice, flour, bran, grains, specialty fats, oleochemicals and soy protein concentrate at over 170 large-scale integrated manufacturing plants located in 43 strategic locations.

In its operations dedicated to edible oils, Yihai Kerry has been using SIPA equipment for seven years, during which time it has accumulated a large number of linear stretch-blow molding units, as well as preform injection moulding units. SIPA is in fact already the largest supplier of blow molding equipment to Yihai Kerry.
Now Yihai Kerry is looking to SIPA as a partner for a renovation project at its Kerry Oils & Grains (Tianjin) operation. SIPA will install four SFL6 systems, for production of bottles ranging in volume from 0.9 L right up to 10 L. These will be brought into operation during this year.

In addition, the Tianjin operation will be equipped with an XFORM 500/72 preform injection molding system for production of 100-g preforms. This system has a 72-cavity mold mounted on a 500-tonne injection molding machine. So it will reap the benefits of having an integrated pellet-to-bottle production system, complete with the assurance that its containers will perform to the highest standards.

The XFORM 500 is a thoroughbred workhorse. SIPA guarantees a minimum of eight million production cycles before the first maintenance of the mold, and total energy consumption is best in class. And if it chooses, Yihai Kerry can install any existing large mold on the XFORM 500, irrespective of whether that mold was made by SIPA or one of its competitors. So it obtains performance, energy efficiency, and total flexibility.

Yihai Kerry parent company Wilmar International is one of the largest companies listed on the Singapore stock exchange. Its business activities include oil palm cultivation, oilseeds crushing, edible oils refining, sugar, specialty fats, oleochemicals and biodiesel manufacturing and grains processing. It has over 300 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network covering China, India, Indonesia and some 50 other countries.