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XFORM 500 enters its THIRD generation

Just four years after its market debut, SIPA’s XFORM 500 high-volume PET preform production system is taking its third evolutionary step. The XFORM 500 GEN3 is now available.
The latest system incorporates numerous new design features to allow reductions in cycle times and increases in overall system performance. They include: higher injection speeds: lower energy consumption; a reduced lock-to-lock time—now under 2.5 seconds; a new design of the XFlow screw for increased throughput; more efficient post-mold cooling technology for record-low cycle times; and capability to install any generation of legacy tooling without any modification to the mold.

The new XFORM 500 GEN3 can be equipped with the very latest SIPA GEN3 tooling technology, which is full of innovative features, including: a new hot runner design for superior flow balance and low pressure drop; XMold technology for reduced melt friction and higher L/T capability; SmartLock stack design for unprecedented cooling for short-neck preforms; and LongLife stack coating technology for superior mold life.
Extremely low maintenance costs and extremely long mold life are among key features that differentiate the XFORM 500 platform from the competition, and two of the many reasons why the market has embraced it so enthusiastically. Since the XFORM 500 first saw the light of day at the NPE plastics exhibition in Orlando, Florida in 2012, SIPA has sold over 60 units to most of the leading players in the market.

All through May, SIPA hosted an open house in Vittorio Veneto to show off the new XFORM 500 GEN3 equipped with its latest 144-cavity GEN3 tooling. The system produced light preforms for a still water application, running at a cycle time below 5.3s.
The good news does not stop there. SIPA is also introducing ground-breaking 180-cavity preform tooling, designed to maximize system output at large preform producers. Featuring a completely new hot runner technology capable of delivering an outstanding flow balance, the new tooling is a perfect complement to the new XFORM500 GEN3. Together, they are capable of producing over 120,000 preforms per hour.

And since, as the Italians say, there isn’t two without three, SIPA is embarking on an extension of the XFORM platform. As is well-known in the market, the XFORM 500 is fruit of a strategic cooperation between SIPA and leading injection molding machine manufacturer Engel. The two companies have now finalized an exclusive agreement that will result in the launch of two additional platforms within the next 12 months. The two new systems will accept small and medium-sized molds.
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