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SIPA has created a new digital ecosystem to connect people, companies and resources in an interactive environment where amazing amounts of information can be created, sorted, sifted, and shared. It’s called ECHO.
ECHO lets everybody participate in an intensive co-creation of value by sharing knowledge and competence. In this new hyper-connected world, customers can be suppliers and observers too, all at the same time. In ECHO, information is transparent, accessible and usable. It will save everybody time, resources, and money.

From the beginning, SIPA’s philosophy has been to create technologies that are ecologically beneficial and economic to use by its customer. SIPA strives to provide the path to a new sustainable business model: ECO2. Its specific focus is on resin recovery and recycling, on energy saving, and on the optimisation of logistical space along the entire line of PET preform production, container blowing and filling. With its smart and simplified approach, the ECHO digital ecosystem is the embodiment of ECO2, conceived for the collection and sharing of Lean Data.

Every day we are submerged by data that we don't need or can’t use. ECHO implements the concepts of the ‘sharing economy,’ providing every SIPA customer with the means to easily access a wealth of relevant information on functions and applications that interact with data, connecting the entire ecosystem to create more value.
ECHO goes beyond the concept of a simple technical portal with its one-way traffic: it allows an interchange between SIPA, the customer and other stake holders. Internal areas of the ecosystem are customized to fit the profile of the user: their fields of interest, the technology they use, the products they make. The customer has an open and direct line to the information that counts.
Let’s have a look at these areas:

The most important area in ECHO is the Customer Lounge. This is where basic information on machines is kept and where SIPA and the customer can share it transparently. The Customer Lounge is a new concept in customer experience built around the user, where information is contextualized and rapidly accessed. The service is customized according to the SIPA equipment installed at the customer and is based on the products they handle and on their production needs.
With this data sharing, ECHO puts SIPA in the best position to offer each customer the targeted services they need to improve production targets: maintenance, upgrades to installations or new products for example. All offers requested and received can be tracked, problems on machines can be intercepted, and the customer has ‘always on’ access to user guides, with parts lists preloaded to optimize the supply chain.
There is more: by being able to benchmark operations against market standards – compare for example equipment Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – customers will be able to analyze every individual task on the way to optimized efficiency.

In ECHO, the customer can also be a supplier: they can buy and sell services and spare parts for SIPA machines in accordance with the principle of the ‘sharing economy.’ The new ecosystem helps create value in the market, providing economic and experiential advantages for the convenience and efficiency of the individual user. With this ‘virtual’ marketplace,’ SIPA is aiming to cut out the middle man, reducing costs and waste in the system.

With the Packaging Design area in ECHO, SIPA takes a tilt at the predominantly one-way supplier/customer relationship, to put more emphasis on the generation of shared value. Here, users have the opportunity to assess the efficiency and functionality of bottles produced, with the aim of improving the quality of the supply chain and to have containers optimized depending on the intended use or even positioning in a shop display.
The customer can rate containers according to features such as opening, conservation, recyclability, stocking in the truck, through to its postioning on the supermarket shelf. The user thus becomes directly involved in the process of generating business value, as a form of a unique personalized experience.

ECHO is an open system that simplifies relations between producers and suppliers in a truly innovative way. With its Sharing Capacity feature, any producer of PET containers can put at the disposal of others its spare production capacity to meet the needs of more potential customers. This allows the saving of time and resources, cost optimization, and the establishment of new business relationships, in a network built on trust and free exchange. Thanks to an ecosystem of this kind, where everybody works together to create growth for themselves and the community as a whole, the entire economy becomes more intelligent, more sustainable.

In ECHO, the customer has an area entirely at their disposition where they can learn more about SIPA products and services and deepen their understanding of the use of SIPA machinery. In this Online Training area, it is possible to improve understanding of concepts, methodologies and production systems, to keep up to date on technical matters and and increase personal skills. All the tools are there for customers to maintain and increase their competitiveness.

A community is about sharing, and that is particularly true in the ECHO ecosystem. Sharing and comparing helps create valuable content. The Forum is for exchanges of opinions on products, materials and technologies among providers and users, a virtual meeting place where people gather to express ideas, talk about business issues and find solutions.

In this new digital revolution, we are surrounded by streams of information that we can dive into wherever we are – but there is a danger of drowning. ECHO can interact directly with the user to present content that is relevant and important to him or here. Personalization is a key to hyper-connection. ECHO provides each customer with a world built to meet their needs in a simple, fast, and intuitive way.