We can be (circular) heroes

This is where we start over. Let’s fix a point of return.

But first let’s challenge our comfort zone, now.We can live well without being sucked into ultraconsumerism.

The economy must be aware of the environment to be sustainable. We must respond to problems now to reduce distances between us and a future that seems to be moving further away.
This is the world we imagine today, a more aware world for living in. As citizens, as consumers, as workers, as SIPA with this manifesto we declare our
desire: let’s change a linear system that no longer brings any benefits. We have a circular economy,inspired by the shape of the Earth, a never-ending circle. This is a new start, where evrything returns. Let’s stop living on credit from our planet and futuregenerations. This is where we start over.

Plastic has reached an unprecedented critical moment in its history.
Discarded, dumped, not recycled. At sea, in the street, everywhere.

According to Greenpeace, only a very marginal portion of the plastic produced worldwide (9%) is actually recycled. This is an impressive statistic figure, evidenced by the pollution affecting our oceans, sad protagonists of today’s news on which huge plastic islands are floating.

After decades of linear, single-use economy, have we reached a point of no return?

There is more and more talk of putting an end to plastic use. However, if we were to eliminate plastic from the world today, we would lose a great resource for food packaging: this would have very serious consequences for the planet and for human beings. Plastic, in fact, helps to protect food and drink against contamination, guarantees safe transport and above all, it costs much less than any other material without particularly affecting the final price of the objects we buy.

Thus, the real problem is clearly not in the plastic itself, but in the way it is handled after consumption. Increasing its recycling and promoting its sustainable use is the only way to ensure that we use this material in a safe way and thus to save the world. And you know what? We can all save the world, because we can all be Circular Heroes.

SIPA, one of the most influential global players in the PET sector, has launched a web-based awareness project called Circular Heroes: small circular economy actions aimed at recycling, to demonstrate how we can all engage concretely for a new beginning. Just like real everyday heroes, but with no need for superpowers.

Anyone can save their own future and that of others simply by making the right choice and correctly recycling every plastic bottle.

The Circular Heroes wave involves Facebook and Instagram, and the web_site that also reports the project’s mission:

"To stop living on credit from our planet and future generations: we can no longer hold back. Let's start from here, from an environmentally friendly and circular economy. For a never-ending sustainable tomorrow".

A strong and clear message, a powerful commitment from SIPA that takes on a social responsibility with a "green" imprint and thus becomes the leading company in the PET sector to wave the flag of change. And if Circular Heroes are the voices shouting this message, Alex Bellini is the absolute main player.
For some time now, our company, based in Vittorio Veneto, Italy has been sponsoring the Italian explorer’s mission called 10 Rivers, 1 Ocean #weareallinthesameboat, a journey on the world's most polluted rivers and oceans to show just how far humanity has gone and trace a starting point for our return.

In other words, the circular economy highlights the planet’s critical points and shows a hopeful curve that is still attainable.

SIPA shares the thinking of its true Circular Hero and supports his activities. We still have a chance before we reach the point of no return: it is our ability to choose, to do the right thing. Anybody can become a Circular Hero and save the environment every day, simply by recycling without a mask of cape.

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