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In Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Penh, PET packaging manufacturer UST is more than happy to have chosen an XFORM 350 injection molding system from SIPA, complete with a 72-cavity mold, for production of preforms for water and beverage bottles.

UST stands for Ung Sok Try, the company’s owner and CEO, who founded the firm in 2010. “We chose SIPA because of its reliability,” he says.
“SIPA machines are known for their precision and cost efficiency. The XFORM 350 has enabled us to cut down total production times, allowing UST to save both time and energy, leading to lower production costs. We are running with excellent cycle times.”

Ung Sok Try goes on to list a range of benefits that UST gains from being a SIPA system user. For example, the XFORM 350 saves on water cooling as well as electricity, while the hydraulic system is leakproof, always keeping the oil in good condition. Only a small pump is required to keep the oil at the right pressure, so that saves energy too. Similarly, little air is lost in pneumatic operations.

Maintenance costs are also low, says the company boss. And overhauls can be carried out ahead of any parts failing, thanks to a sophisticated warning system in the machine controls.

There are very few reject parts too, thanks to gentle and efficient preform handling. “We get quality and quantity, says Ung Sok Try.

Finally, Ung Sok Try points to the all-round safety of the XFORM 350. “The operator always feels secure,” he says.

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