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Ting Hsin International Group is one of SIPA’s longest established partners in Asia. Since the Taipei, Taiwan-based food and drink company first invested in SIPA solutions in 1997, it has acquired many ECS injection-stretch-blow molding and SFR reblowing systems. Last year, it took the step into SIPA preform injection molding technology, with the acquisition of three XFORM GEN4 units which are operating in mainland China, all of them equipped with 144-cavity molds.

With all the experience Ting Hsin has in working with SIPA, it appreciates the advanced processing technologies that the company has always offered. Over the last six years, the two companies have also cooperated successfully in perform & bottles molds. SIPA has successfully provided Ting Hsin with new innovative and advanced perform and bottle design as well as mold refurbishing. The partnership works well, thanks also to effective communications. It’s something that both companies want to keep going and build on.

With SIPA advanced technology and effectiveness of injection machine design, the lower energy consumption has been confirmed by field test result. The energy used to power the clamp system is recycled using a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, while servo drives on the hydraulic pumps also help keep consumption lower. XFORM GEN4 is also the easiest XFORM yet to maintain. Special features that make this possible include accumulators mounted on a pull-out rack inside the machine frame. In addition, the oil tank is designed so that it does not need to be emptied in case of maintenance.

When it comes to molds, SIPA has the extra advantage of having an operation workshop in China, Hangzhou City, for manufacturing and maintenance. “That makes SIPA very competitive especially on short lead time” the team notes.

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