SIPA smells the aroma of success in PET coffee jars

Some experts at SIPA, possibly fresh after their coffee break, have decided that PET really should be used more for packaging coffee. PET provides a much better packaging solution for the various types of coffee currently available on the shop shelves—whole or pre-ground beans, as well as soluble coffee powder and granules. PET jars are fit for purpose as the packaging these products normally come in.
Coffee needs a lot of protection, and each kind of coffee calls for packaging with a specific set of properties, in terms of protection and also aesthetics. Beans need protection from the light, oxygen ingress, CO2 release; soluble coffee needs extra protection from humidity. That is why today, so many different types of packaging are used for different types of coffee: metal cans, glass jars, multilayer bags and pouches, etc.
It is possible to meet all these various demands with PET jars. The inherent excellent packaging properties of PET can be further enhanced by including oxygen scavengers, passive barrier, light-blocking colorants, and so on.
The advantages for PET jars are numerous: they are light, virtually unbreakable, re-sealable, they can be made with wide necks for easy pouring and spooning, and the design possibilities are considerable. Some possible examples created by SIPA’s design team are shown here.
By the way: did you know that the coffee bean is not a bean at all? It’s a seed, of the coffee berry. And did you know that the genus of plant from which coffee seeds come is called coffea? And that caffeine is produced by the plant to protect the seeds against herbivores?
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