SIPA Duo Mini Stackable, SIPA’s innovative and sustainable concept for packaging dry foods, was shortlisted for two different sustainability awards this year: the Italian Best Packaging Awards from the Italian Packaging Institute and the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2021 in Amsterdam where it was among the worldwide finalist for best and more sustainable packaging.

SIPA conceived the Duo Mini Stackable for packaging spices, nuts, dried fruits, pulses and the like. The two identical containers have bases with accentuated hollows, reminiscent of those in wine bottles, so that one can

fit snuggly on top of another in a compact arrangement in the box, and then later on the kitchen shelf. There is no labelling on the bottles, which makes them perfectly ready for recycling another time after use. All graphic communication is printed directly on the cardboard of the secondary packaging, which is assembled without the use of adhesives – again facilitating recycling. SIPA Duo Mini Stackable shows off in the best way how small, beautifully designed plastic bottles can be highly sustainable. Two stackable bottles produced in 100% post-consumer PET using XTREME Renew, the highly innovative technology developed by SIPA in collaboration with Austrian recycling technology specialist Erema, are packed in personalized boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard.

XTREME Renew technology makes it possible to produce preforms directly from PET flakes,thus avoiding all the steps related to the production of rPET granules, with a consequent reduction in energy, logistics and industrial consumption and costs.

To ensure full compliance with contact with food, before extrusion, PET flakes are subjected to washing / decontamination using the Erema’s Vacurema system. SIPA’s XTREME extrusion-injection-compression molding technology allows a weight reduction of around 10% compared with regular injection molding technology (each container weighs just 7.6g), while the use of 100% rPET cuts CO2 emissions by 80% compared with production using virgin PET.

“It is for us extremely significant to get various recognitions for this packaging that is a concentrate of innovation and technology. It is also important to mention that RecyClass analysis had to be performed in order to submit the packaging product to the PRSE Awards. Our packaging resulted to be RecyClass grade A so very much eligible to apply,” said Sipa’s Packaging Development Manager.
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