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SIPA’s crowning achievement in pack development with MONARCH

SIPA and Canadian full-service plastics bottle manufacturer The Monarch Group are working side-by-side to develop new bottles for Monarch’s end users in the beverage industry. Starting from simple sketches, the two companies have together developed several new designs, carried out FEM analysis, built prototype molds, and supplied samples to customers. It’s a winning combination, with SIPA benefitting from increased sales of preform molds, blowing machines and blow molds to Monarch.

Monarch with the SIPA team has developed a number of projects, a typical example of what the two companies have achieved is a 20oz bottle. This bottle, with its unique dispensing cap, is being sold in the North American market. Prototype preform and blow molds were developed at a SIPA lab, and after Monarch’s end user customer gave the green light, Monarch proceeded to purchase a 48-cavity preform mold, plus an SFL 6 linear stretch-blow molding machine complete with blow molds from SIPA. With the strong support from the SIPA technical group, the molds and machine were commissioned on time, and put into successful production at Monarch.

“SIPA has met all our initial expectations, and we look forward to a growing relationship,” says Hemang Metha, CEO of The Monarch Group. “The bottle development partnership has been instrumental in the introduction of several new products to the market.”
Gladson Remos, who looks after the Monarch account at SIPA, says this is the first bottle development agreement made in North America with a company of this magnitude. “The two companies have developed a strong business relationship over the past few years, and we have high hopes for the future,” he says.

The Monarch Group has been developing and producing bottles for over 40 years. A full-service manufacturer with a complete line of decoration facilities, it manufactures bottles and jars in a wide range of plastics. It has one- and two-stage PET bottle production systems, and has hot-fill bottle capability. As a way of providing added value for its customers, Monarch manufactures its own PET preforms, while its decoration facilities are equipped for sleeving, pressure sensitive labeling, screen printing, and heat transfer labeling.

The company currently manufactures in Brampton, Ontario, where it has 200 employees, and it has another 100 staff in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. It has three plants in all, and has the ability to service customers across North America. It has also begun projects involving work in East Asia. Monarch has a strong track record working with customers of all sizes. It produces around 400 million containers annually for the personal care, home care, hair care, automotive, food, promotional and pharmaceutical industries.
The Monarch Group of Companies is owned by The Mehta Group, which has manufacturing and service business prominence in North America, Africa, India and the United Kingdom. The Mehta Group has a deep understanding and proven experience in a wide range of industries, including cement and building materials, sugar, horticulture, cables, general engineering, packaging and plastics containers manufacturing.