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SIPA has taken another step ahead of the competition with the introduction of the Flextronic W. This is a weight filler with outstanding accuracy and precision, ideally suited to filling PET bottles with edible oils, but also an excellent candidate for use in lines filling such high-value products as milk, drinking yoghurts and juices. It could also find use in the non-foods area for such products as home care, personal care and mineral oil.

An entire line from a single supplier
SIPA is the only company in the world today offering fully complete turnkey systems for such products, all the way from the conception and development of the preform, through bottle design, prototyping and testing, preform and bottle product production, to filling using various systems (weight, volume, level), and onto packaging and palletising. Its experience in plant engineering and systems integration is unrivalled.
Until now, SIPA has been cooperating with external partners for the provision of systems requiring weight fillers. Now, it has its own capability.

Accurate, precise, and fast
The new Flextronic W is not only accurate and precise, featuring the state of the art in terms of filling precision, it also adds to this technology all the cleaness taken from Sipa experience with sensitive products.
The valve integrates perfectly into the Flextronic range, using the same carrousel structure, feeding system tank and control electronics,. taking advantage of all the flexibility of the modular approach, which allows the future use of different types of filling valves on the same machine.

Very clean
The Flextronic W is very hygienic. There is no contact between the valve and the bottle, and the entire system is very clean: the cleaning cycle is performed in a close loop with automatic loading of the CIP cups. Components throughout are in stainless steel, including the weighing system, and cleanliness is easy to maintain. All filling products benefit from this, but especially sensitive ones such as milk derivatives.
The precision in the mechanics of the Flextronic W is matched by that in its electronics. Dedicated software serves to enhance both the precision and accuracy of the weighing system.

Ideal for oil
Weight filling technology is considered the most reliable, clean and efficient system for filling bottles with edible oil. It is particularly appreciated for the fact that it avoids overfills: by measuring the weight directly in the container (net weight), it takes into account the changes in the tare as well as in the temperature or nature of the oil, and adapts to intrinsic changes of the product during the production cycle.
By being able to offer lines that fully integrate weight filling with upstream bottle production and downstream capping, labelling and packaging, SIPA offers its customers the opportunity to save on investments in bottle conveyor and storage systems, and ensure a higher level of product cleanliness as well as a low footprint on the factory floor. In addition, integration of the blowing and filling operations makes it possible to use lighter bottles.

On an upward path
SIPA has already installed over 100 lines for edible oil all around the world. With the new all-SIPA Flextronic W, it confidently expects the number to keep growing.