SIPA has created new designs of 1.5L bottles for mineral flat water that push lightweighting to a new limit. What makes this possible is an innovative patent-pending preform type that can only be turned into reality using SIPA’s XMould technology for injection moulds (see the last issue of SIPA Magazine for more details on this ground-breaking development). The preform has an extra-high L/t ratio (the ratio of length to wall thickness) that enables optimum stretch ratios and material distribution in the final bottle.

The bottle designs, which SIPA has christened “BottLess,” weigh just 17.5 g—that’s over 20% less than is normally used to make a PET bottle of this size. With this weight reduction comes a reduction in the energy consumed in making the bottles, due to the thinner walls that heat up more easily and require less pressure to be blown into shape.

The BottLess bottle also satisfies consumers’ desire to cut down on the amount of packaging that protects the food and drink they buy—but without affecting the packaging’s resistance to handling and pouring. With its optimal material distribution, the bottle has a top load resistance greater than 500N, which is comparable to that of heavier 1.5L bottles currently on the market (26-24g). Once it is empty, the bottle is easy to crush, so it takes up less space in the recycling bin.

TheBottLess bottle will also stand out on the shelves with its extra transparency and brightness, providing extra value to its contents—just what premium brands request.

SIPA has in fact developed three different, distinct, and highly attractive designs of the 1.5-L BottLess bottle. LINE, WAVE and ARCH, all weigh the same, and share the same level of functionality.