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SIPA keeps drinks maker DOĞANAY GIDA in good health

A next-generation XTRA10 rotary stretch-blow molding system is the latest addition to a growing group of SIPA machines at Doğanay Gida, an innovative producer of health drinks in Adana, Turkey.

Doğanay Gida first came to SIPA in 2007 for an SFL6/6. Two years later, it took an SFR12 EVO2, and then in 2011, SIPA installed a third system, an SFR8 EVO2. The XTRA10 was added soon after it was launched, in 2018. All told, Doğanay Gida is now producing and filling close to 60,000 bottles every hour, in sizes ranging from 250mL up to five liters.

The Turkish company first made a name for itself with its fermented black carrot juice, called simply Doğanay. In the meantime, it has added several more flavors and brand names. A non-carbonated lemonade, free of additives and colorants, as well as strawberry and pineapple drinks, go by the name Lita.

The company now also offers a range of condiments and sauces under the Nare banner: grape vinegar, balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, lemon sauce, pure lemon juice, 100% pomegranate syrup, pomegranate sauce, and a garlic hot sauce. The Bütün brand is used for pomegranate sauce, grape vinegar, apple vinegar, and lemon sauce.

Gökhan Gök is General Manager at Doğanay Gida. Why did his company choose SIPA? “When we were making the choice for our first bottle blowing system, we could see that SIPA was already really well-known with a proven reputation in the market and experienced in blowing machines with systems installed around the world,” he says. “But we chose SIPA not only for the quality of its machines: its service and quick response with well-trained technical personnel for any customer problems is the other main reason why we always pick SIPA machines in our filling-line investments.”

The SIPA bottle blowing systems are also helping Doğanay Gida with its energy bills, thanks to their low consumption of electricity and overall high efficiency. Their compatibility with downstream equipment, whether it be from SIPA or other suppliers, is an additional advantage.

Doğanay Gida was founded as a foods company by Father Hasan Doğanay in 1960, moving into fermented black carrot juice production in 1997. The product turned Doğanay into one of the few recognized brands from Turkey around the world, with its unique taste and quality.

Besides dominating the fermented black carrot juice market in Turkey (it has a 95% share), the company also exports 35% of its total production to more than 30 countries all over the world.

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