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Ambitious Angolan foods company Carrinho Industria has invested in SIPA systems covering PET preform production through to palletizing, as it moves ahead with its plan to create the first fully vertically integrated organizational structure in the food industry in Angola.

Carrinho Industria recently came back to SIPA for a complete line for bottling edible oil. The first line starts with a 10-cavity XTRA advanced rotary stretch-blow molding unit, which feeds a Flextronic W precision weight filler equipped with 50 filling heads. Capped and labelled bottles transfer to a case packer and then onto a palletizer with an active layer. The line runs at a speed of 25,000 b/h for one-liter bottles.

At the same time, Carrinho acquired a SIPA XFORM 350 preform production system that included three SIPA molds — two with 96 cavities to feed the 25,000 b/h line plus one additional mold with 48 cavities — to make preforms for three- and five-liter formats. For bottle blowing, Carrinho went with a three-cavity SFL Dynamic 3H linear blower, while a BIG fill W 12/6 takes care of the filling.

Also included in the package was a labelling unit, equipment for inserting handles into the bottles, and a SIPA PTF 1 palletizer. On top of all this, SIPA provided auxiliaries and the piping along the line. Everything is highly automated, with a supervisor carrying out monitoring and providing production reports.

Family-owned Carrinho says it intends to be able to manage all stages of the value chain in food cereals and many other products related to the food industry (pasta, biscuits, flour, margarine) managing all the operations from raw material up to distribution. Its stated mission is to create an ecosystem that promotes national production, always with a sense of social responsibility, with a vision of being the driving force in food and nutritional self-sufficiency in Angola.

The company’s industrial park, which incorporates 17 factories, is one of the most complete in the world, allowing it to process various cereals and refine vegetable oil, while also producing more than 20 consumer goods.

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