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With its ECS range of single-stage injection-stretch-blow moulding (ISBM) machines, PET packaging technology specialist SIPA provides a full service to companies producing specialty containers in all shapes and sizes, and with widely varying output requirements.

The company’s latest ECS SP 50 and 80 units are ideal for production of containers as small as 20 mL. They now feature an upgraded user interface (HMI), as well as improvements to the injection system, preform conditioning, and bottle blowing. The machines now also accept a wider range of legacy moulds. SIPA’s well-established larger ECS HS and FX models are particularly suitable for high outputs of wide-mouth jars, oval containers, and other out-of-the-ordinary products.

For many markets and market sizes
The new ECS SP 50 and 80 are ideal for production of small lots of containers with various designs and characteristics, for pharmaceuticals, personal care, foods, detergents, and other products. They can also make lightweight miniature drinks bottles used on airplanes. The ECS HS and FX types are increasingly used for such products as wide mouth jars, oval and asymmetric containers. It is possible to produce containers with a wide range of capacities, threads and neck finishes.

SIPA sees strong prospects for making inroads into the prestigious market for very high quality small bottles for cosmetics and beauty care products. It recently developed prototype cosmetic containers in a range of striking designs, varying in volume from 200 mL to around 475 mL in round, oval, and rectangular shapes.
High hygiene

The extremely versatile ECS systems can produce ultra clean bottles, pasteurizable containers, and warm- and hot-fillable bottles. SIPA was a pioneer in developing technology for producing hot-fillable containers with special amorphous necks that are much less costly for customers to produce than traditional types with crystallized necks.

Dedicated preforms for cost-effective production
Container makers using the ECS single-stage ISBM technology can produce dedicated preforms to obtain characteristics optimized for the particular size and application of the finished container. SIPA’s experts will work with customers to create the best possible design of preform and bottle. ECS systems are also ideal for processing specialty resins, including PEN and PLA, as well as polypropylene.
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