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Major Mexican beverage company GEPP has chosen SIPA for a new bottle blowing and filling line for carbonated soft drinks. GEPP, which is partly owned by Pepsico (in partnership with another Mexican company Cultiba and the Venezuelan group Empresas Polar), recently took delivery of the line, based on an SFR16 Evo 3 rotary unit in a Sincro Bloc with a 144-valve filling unit, at its plant in Celaya, central Mexico.

In addition to the SIPA Sincro Bloc, the line also benefits from SIPA’s Fastlayer robotic system for positioning shrink-wrapped packs of filled bottles on pallets.
GEPP has plants all across Mexico, and SIPA already has equipment – SFR 16 and SFR 12 bottle producing units, filling systems and molds – operating in several of them. The new line is producing bottles in two sizes – 3 L and 1.5 L – at rates of 17,500 and 28,000 bottles per hour respectively.

“The new CSD line is one of the most productive in the GEPP network,” says Ezio Magagnin, Regional Sales Manager at SIPA. “It is also especially energy-efficient. SIPA is one of GEPP’s key equipment suppliers and we are particularly happy with the success of this installation. Early word back from GEPP is that they are most satisfied!”

GEPP is the only beverage company in Mexico with nationwide operations and full capabilities in manufacturing, distribution and marketing. The company produces, sells and distributes carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks as well as water. It is the exclusive bottler of PepsiCo beverages in Mexico, and also develops and markets its own beverage brands and distributes third-party brands.
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