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SINCRO BLOC now available with linear blow molding section

SIPA is extending its successful range of Sincro Bloc fully integrated bottle blowing/filling/capping units.
Until recently, all SincroBloc models were based on SFR rotary stretch-blow molding equipment, but SIPA is now responding to calls from customers, especially those bottling water, who have been asking for a system, both clean and compact, for formats anywhere up to 12 liters. The new SincroBloc system will be able to handle all bottle formats on the market.

As with existing SincroBlocs, the new range stands out for its high level of productivity. A unit based on SIPA’s SFL 6, for example, will be able to blow and fill up to 10,800 small bottles every hour. At the other end of the scale, a linear Sincro Bloc incorporating an SFL for large formats and SIPA’s BigFill volumetric gravity-filling monobloc for formats from five to 12 liters, has an hourly output capacity of 6600 5-L containers and up to 4000 containers in the very largest sizes.
The linear format has several important advantages, in addition to its compact dimensions. Mechanical movements are simpler than with a rotary stretch-blow section, which also simplifies its use. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower too, thanks to lower investment cost and reduced maintenance requirements.

But just like the original rotary SincroBlocs, the new linear versions excel with their simplicity and hygiene. There is no need for rinsing between blowing and filling, no need for external conveying systems, and total protection from the outside environment from the moment the preform enters the feed shoot until the filled and sealed bottle emerges, ready for wrapping.
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