SIPA has just opened a brand new showroom at its headquarters in Vittorio Veneto. This is no normal showroom for a machine maker though. In fact, there is no equipment in sight. This showroom is located where our experts in packaging development are hard at work creating new designs of containers. It highlights how we can help our customers in creating outstanding packaging that makes the best use of PET – and, of course, SIPA processing technology.

The showroom puts innovative containers – lightweight bottles, large formats, all sorts of specialities – in the best possible light. Literally: the products are all there in beautifully lit displays.
Laurent Sigler, SIPA’s Innovation and R&D Director, gives a taste of what is on view: “We have some big lit boxes showing off really striking samples of how we can go large: stackable containers for example, and the collapsible beer keg we worked with major beer producers to bring to reality. SIPA is the undisputed leader for large size applications, thanks to our SFL 1XL and SFL 2/2 platforms. These machines can make containers for all sorts of applications – beer, oil, water, whatever – and we can supply a total solution that includes a complete line and, of course, hands-on help with product design and development.

“Then there is the wall dedicated to smaller specialties that you can produce with any one of the multiple solutions that SIPA has for this segment. We have for example the ECS SP single-stage platform for low- and mid-level outputs, and complementary to that is our two-stage approach. The SFL platform is recognized by the market as the reference linear blowing system, thanks to its versatility, its ease of use, its energy-saving features, and numerous other aspects.”
We invite current and potential customers to come to Vittorio Veneto to find out, close-up, what our creatives are capable of, and how they can work with you to develop your next prize-winning designs.
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