SHAPE YOUR FUTURE WITH SIPA. Your future is now.

As the World Wide Web celebrates its 25th birthday, everything is connected as never before. The global economy is on a recovery path, but things are still rather fragile. The euro area is gradually emerging from a protracted recession, and growth in the United States has increased slightly, but prospects among developing countries and economies in transition are mixed, and still very prone to external influences. Markets change from one day to the next. So just like the spider in its real web, operators need to be nimble.

We at SIPA believe that flexibility is even more important than productivity to survive and prosper in these uncertain times – and our equipment can make you more adaptable. Our motto is “Feel free to imagine. We make it happen.” With Xtreme, our new injection-compression molding technology, you can produce two different types of preforms contemporarily. Our rotary blowing systems can produce standard or hot fill bottles with few changes, and our filling lines can handle water, soft drinks or hot filled juices, with or without pulp, in the same line. Modular volumetric fillers and new filling valves make it possible to create solutions tailor-made for the most diverse requirements in the bottling world. Our latest palletizing systems are capable of covering all customer requirements, both in term of productivity and logistics. I believe we have made it happen. We think we are getting better at adapting to change too. In 2012, SIPA set out on a new course that was laid out in a “road map” that we called “Shape our Future.”

We set ourselves a series of ambitious targets and we embarked on numerous projects in order to reach them. Some of those projects are described in this issue of SIPA MAGAZINE. “Shape our Future” will conclude in 2015. As I write in late March, we have already hit most of our targets. We have introduced a series of innovative new products, we have expanded local branches, we have opened brand-new offices, we have implemented a whole raft of improvements in our service activities. I confidently expect that at the end of our road map journey, I will be able to say “Job Well Done” and be ready to tell you about our next plans. “Shape our Future” fits exactly with the main goal of the SIPA Mission: to transfer our competence and expertise to our customers, offering innovative and competitive solutions to specific customer needs. We first understand your requirements and then propose the manufacturing scenario that best satisfies them. We aim to provide sustainable packaging solutions; to create flexible solutions that can adapt to customer needs in an era of rapid change; and to expand PET boundaries.

“Shape our Future” will put us in an even better position to achieve our mission. I am sure you all think you have heard enough about sustainable solutions, but please bear with me, because I truly believe that SIPA is delivering on its promise. We have an outstanding packaging design team that continues to create new and lighter preforms that perform just as well as, if not better than, the old ones, saving you money in material and processing energy. Complementing their work, our technology experts are working on ways to break down barriers to further improvements.
In the last issue of this magazine, for example, we told you about XTREME that in one fell swoop makes it possible to make preforms ten percent lighter than is possible with conventional injection molding. We realize that for some processors, XTREME will take you out of your comfort zone. That is why we also look at other ways to help you save and prosper. Many of you already know about XMOULD, our highly innovative surface technology for conventional preform molds that changes the rules of what is achievable in L/t ratio, the ratio of preform length to wall thickness. Yesterday, the maximum economically achievable L/t ratio was around 45. Today, with XMOULD, it is 60. In conclusion: SIPA is a partner you can rely on to respond – quickly – to your changing needs; to sustain you with solutions that save energy, materials and maintenance; and to lead you into new applications and technologies. Our road map is called “Shaping our Future”. Your future is now.