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Historic family-run German bottle producer PET-Verpackungen is once again investing in SIPA technology, as it extends its capability in production of small containers. The company recently took delivery of an ECS SP 80 single-stage injection-stretch-blow molding system with 12 cavities, for production of miniatures for liqueurs. PET-Verpackungen is part of Wiegand-Glas, which began making glass bottles well over 400 years ago. The company’s venture into PET began a little more recently, in 1997. The new equipment is already up and running at PET-Verpackungen’s operation in Großbreitenbach, midway between Frankfurt and Dresden. A very similar set-up can be seen on SIPA’s stand at NPE2018 in Orlando, FL, in early May. PET-Verpackungen chose the ECS SP 80 because of an increased requirement from one of its customers. The ISBM system is now making lots and lots of very small but perfectly formed bottles for schnapps and fruity liqueurs. Each bottle is less than 80 mm high and contains just 20 mL of precious liquid; the very particular neck finish is just 12 mm in diameter. The bottles weigh close to 5 g, which is around 10 percent less than previous designs. In shape, they are almost identical to the full-sized versions. SIPA worked closely with PET-Verpackungen to fine-tune the designs to ensure optimum weight and performance. PET-Verpackungen is a long-time SIPA partner, with several SFL 6/6 six-cavity linear reheat blow molding machines already running. It produces a very wide range of bottle and jar shapes and sizes, reaching up to 1.5 liters. The containers are sold into many markets, mostly in Wiegand’s traditional base in food and drink, but also pharmaceuticals and other sectors.
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