PET puts the squeeze on top olive oil

One of the best-selling extra virgin olive oils in Italy now also comes in PET bottles. Monini, located not far from Perugia in the center of the country, packs its Classico product in two sizes of PET bottles, 450 and 650 mL. The bottles, which complement glass bottles in other sizes, are produced on SIPA SFL 4/4 linear blowmolder.

The great thing about the PET bottles is that they are squeezable. Extra virgin olive oil is precious, so you want to be sure to use it in the right amounts in your salads and cooking. The PET bottles are light (28g for the 450-mL version) and they have a special top, so dosing is really easy to control. And of course they are virtually unbreakable, which is another key advantage in the kitchen, or possibly at the picnic.

The PET bottles also look great too, with their green color that matches Monini’s glass bottles. But compared with glass, they take less energy to make and transport. It almost goes without saying that the PET can be recycled once the bottles are empty.

“We paid close attention to designing these PET bottles to look very much like the glass versions, to provide a strong shelf impact and to preserve the strong brand recognition that Monini has built up over the years,” says SIPA’s Packaging Designer. Monini was founded 100 years ago, by Zefferino Monini, and has always specialized in extra virgin olive oil.

SIPA designed and engineered the bottles for Molipack, Monini's converter. “We believe the effect that we have achieved is extraordinary and increasingly confirms the fundamental importance of PET material in the edible oils market,” says the designer.

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