PET is called to the bar

SIPA has designed new 750-mL premium carbonated cocktail mixer drink bottles for Schwarzwald Sprudel in South-West Germany. Schwarzwald Bar Edition drinks come in four flavors – Wild Berry, Hot Ginger, Tonic Water, and Bitter Lemon – all in identical 750-mL top-quality bottles with labels that give them a vintage look. T

hey look very much like the glass originals, but they are of course lighter and break-resistant. These elegant bottles make the best use of PET technology, with the carbonated contents calling on considerable effort in faithfully reproducing the decorations on the bottle. Schwarzwald Sprudel, which uses water from its own source, makes the bottles on SIPA’s SFR 8 and SFR 20 rotary stretch-blow molding systems, fitted with molds also made by SIPA.
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