Pachyderm in a PET pack

“Feel free to imagine, we make it happen,” boast the product designers at SIPA. “Create a bottle that summons up the spirit of Africa,” somebody said.

If you had to choose one thing that captures the spirit of Africa, what would it be? The elephant is an excellent choice: massive, majestic, resilient… But how do you fit an elephant in a bottle? A bottle that could actually be produced, filled, labelled and packed on an industrial scale, and which retained all the necessary mechanical properties required to make it fit for purpose.
SIPA made it happen. Its designers have created a beautifully asymmetric prototype bottle that incorporates features that conjure up the elephant as soon as you see it and touch it: parts of the surface are textured just like an elephant skin, a tusk is molded into the body, and the long neck is even reminiscent of the elephant’s trunk.

On the practical side, there is still plenty of space on the bottle surface for labelling around the neck and around the lower part of the body, while the flat base provides optimal stability. Not at all elephant-like is the weight though: just 46 g for a 750-mL bottle.

The elephant bottle is a true 100% SIPA original. The company not only came up with the concept and created the design, it also optimized the preform for performance during production and in use. And then it produced the mold so that the bottle could actually be molded on standard equipment. Nor will this bottle present any problem being filled, labelled and packaged on an industrial scale. Nothing was forgotten—an elephant would appreciate that!

We think this is an idea that can fly...Just like the world’s most famous elephant.
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