Our renovated SIPA magazine: SIPA Speaks

Our world is turning faster than ever. Never before have our markets given us so little chance to take the long-term view. Today, we are confronted with so much change, coming at us with such speed, that it is almost overwhelming. In the new business equation, adaptation needs to be the constant, innovation the variable, with our place in time linking them together. We have to consider the future in a different way. To paraphrase Charles Darwin: it's not the biggest or the most intelligent companies that will survive, but the ones that best adapt to change. In other words, only those who know how to continuously innovate today – to renovate – will be competitive tomorrow.

But there is something else, something extremely important, that we should not underestimate in this equation of change: and that is diffusion - or maybe we should call it exploitation. Innovation is a journey, and on the road to success, innovators need to pass through at least three stages. At the beginning is the invention, the creation of something new. What then? This invention needs to make a process or a product innovative, to facilitate change, possibly transformation, in system economics. Finally, and possibly most importantly, we reach the point of exploitation. Without exploitation, innovation produces no change.

If a company cannot show its market how an innovation meets a need, the innovation dies. To be successful, a company needs to have the force to convince. This is what is behind our new magazine, SIPA Speaks. SIPA Speaks is the voice of innovation, it is a window that opens out onto a world of change. It is here to show you our spirit, to shine a light on how SIPA is in a constant process of transformation, building on an entrepreneurial story that covers the globe. We chose the title SIPA Speaks for its clarity and precision, and to provide authority to the words on these pages. In every issue of SIPA Speaks, you will find a rich collection of interesting articles, in five chapters:
1. AROUND THE WORLD, where we report on where SIPA has installed equipment and systems, in collaboration with our important customers;
2. FOCUS ON, an in-depth look at new technologies and the most innovative systems, "Made in SIPA";
3. TECHNICAL WINDOW, a space to explore new solutions and technological improvements, with machine facts and figures;
4. PETWORK -- ideas, inspiration and curiosities from the world of packaging;
5. REPET AND AGAIN, dedicated to environmental sustainability and the theme of recycling, with updates on SIPA's commitment to the planet and its role in supporting processes within the Circular Economy.

With SIPA Speaks, once again we have changed to innovate, to renovate. SIPA Speaks embodies the energy, experience, knowledge, and understanding of a company playing a leading role in global packaging. Let us not forget: SIPA is one of the largest producers of equipment to produce PET preform machines and PET containers, with global design and engineering capability. SIPA is a force for innovation around the world, with more than 1,100 people in 17 sales offices, four production plants, 28 after-sales service centers providing technical support and spare parts, and eight mold refurbishing locations. Above all else, SIPA is a force for transformation. Just one example: this year SIPA's Xtreme Renew was awarded a prestigious World Star Packaging Award, in recognition of applied technological innovation. This system is unique in its ability to produce performs using PET recovered directly from post-consumer waste, in a single heat cycle. Xtreme Renew is a perfect response to needs in the Circular Economy for high-quality, sustainable and economical systems. Innovation is change. So, SIPA Speaks. Today, even more than ever.
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