Packaging designers at SIPA have put their creative heads together to come up with concepts of what can be achieved in aesthetics and performance while following the principles of AWArPET – the SIPA philosophy and brand that stands for an environmentally conscious approach to the design and production of PET packaging.

They succeeded in developing five different bottle formats, in sizes from 330 ml up to 1.5 L, all of which can be produced directly from post-consumer recycled PET flake, and then filled directly in-line, on SIPA’s ground-breaking XTREME Renew Sincro Cube system.

The ultralight bottles have been imagined for mineral water, still and lightly flavoured with Aloe, and share a look reminiscent of soft waves, evoking evokes calmness and serenity. The designers came up with a new name too, AloA,which has echoes of the succulent plant as well as Aloha, the Hawaiian word for peace, compassion, and love.

“With this project, the we wanted to emphasize how we always respect the principles of AWArPET when we work with our downstream partners to develop new bottles,” says the spokesperson of SIPA designers team. “These bottles use the minimum amount of material possible without compromising on performance, and they can be made entirely out of rPET. The fact that we have the technology that makes it possible to produce them directly from flakes, giving them a very small carbon footprint, is another feature we are extremely proud of.”

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