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High on a hill…YASAR turns to SIPA for Marsu mineral water

Yasar Dondurma Ve Gida Sanayii is particularly famous in Turkey for its highly distinctive Mado ice cream, made from goats’ milk. Now, the company—the name translates into English as Yasar Ice Cream and Food & Beverage Industries—is also making a name for itself in natural spring water.
In fact, if you go into one the 250 Mado restaurants and coffee shops across the country selling its ice cream, you will also most likely find bottles of its Marsu mineral water. The bottles are blown, filled, packed and pelletized on lines supplied by SIPA
Water for Marsu comes from the Arkit source, situated at 1213 meters on the Ahir mountain in Kahramanmaraş province, famous for its highland wilderness and gurgling streams. The water is very pure, highly oxygenated, and has an excellent balance of natural minerals.
The source is also not far from the company’s own goat farm, which produces the milk for its famous ice cream.
Yasar has been operating three new SIPA lines at the Mado plant in Tekir, close to the Arkit source, since April 2014. The first two are complete PET lines, one for bottles in sizes of 0.33, 0.5 and 1.5 L, the second for bigger bottles, 5 and 10 L in size. The first, capable of an output of 40,000 bottles per hour, starts with an SFR 20 rotary stretch-blow unit in a Sincrobloc set-up with a Unitronic P 70-20 filler; the second, with a maximum output of 6000 bottles per hour, also has a Sincro Bloc, comprising an SFL 6/6 XXL linear stretch-blower and a Bigfill 18.6 filling system. Both lines also use SIPA molds. Additional equipment supplied by SIPA includes water chillers, semi-automatic CIP cleaning sections, labelling units, shrink packers and automatic pelletizers.

SIPA also installed a complete glass bottle filling line for Yasar. Also capable of handling various bottle sizes, this uses a Genius depalletizer for the empty bottles and a Genius palletizer for the full ones. In between, is a Unitronic-V 20.20.6 filling and capping block, a labelling unit, and a carton packer. Output is up to 10,000 1-L bottles per hour.
“SincroBloc is the ideal solution for operations where reduced square footage is the primary requirement, thanks to its extreme compactness and small overall dimensions,” says Betul Boz Yoney, General Manager of SIPA Turkey Branch.

“It can handle a wide range of bottles, necks and cap sizes, and change-over times are very short. It needs no air conveyors, which keeps down running costs and energy consumption. Only one operator controls the whole system. The preform treatment system, the short connection between blowing and filling, and the over-pressurized environment all serve to guarantee a high hygiene level. The lines in Marsu plant have been running with high efficiency ever since they started up.”

Marsu Plant Manager Mrs. Meltem Kirazli says that she knows SIPA for a long time in the Turkish market. “SIPA is a company who can provide all the machinery we need for our products which are the blowing, filling and packing of small format PET containers, big format 5 lt PET containers and also complete glass line starting from glass bottle depalletizer till palletizer of filled products. That’s why we preferred to cooperate with SIPA. Besides, we have been watching closely how SIPA has gained a very wide range of experience in both container design and machine development, so it was quite an easy decision for us to select SIPA as our main partner for this new high-capacity mineral water bottling plant investment,” she says.
“All SIPA machines provide us a very flexible and efficient production capability.”
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