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Hana Water moves into new bottle formats with SIPA

Saudi water bottling company Hana Water in Riyadh (Qassim) has taken delivery of a complete line from SIPA for production, filling, packaging and palletizing of several types of container that will expand its product offering for markets in the Gulf region. The line, delivered on a turnkey basis, is already producing and handling containers from 3.5 L in size (square with hand grip), through 5-L types, to 12-L water cooler bottles, some of them with innovative designs co-developed by the two companies. Until recently, Hana had concentrated on smaller bottle sizes, up to 1.5 L.

The line is designed for high speed and high efficiency, as well as flexibility, to meet a range of customer requests. It is composed of an SFL6/6XXL linear bottle blowing system, filling monobloc, two capping stations—one for screw caps, one for press-on types, a labelling station, a unit for applying bottle neck handles to 5-L bottles, a wrap-around carton packer, palletizer, and finally two pallet stretch wrappers for different wrapping applications.

Hana intends to add another SFL2/2 stretch-blow molding unit to the line quite soon, to give it the capability of producing one-way PET containers for water coolers and dispensers in 4 and 5 US gallon sizes.
During the initial phases of the project, a Hana team worked with SIPA to design a new family of bottles that Hana wanted to be attractive, innovative (the new 3.5-L bottle has an “easy-grip” shape for example),very light, and overall highly cost-efficient. “It was a smooth process,” says Sheikh Ahmed Altheyab at Hana. “SIPA has been cooperating with us for many years to bring innovation to the design and engineering of our bottles, so we know how to bring the best out of each other.”

All Hana’s current water bottles have in fact been designed in collaboration with SIPA, and most are produced using SIPA molds. SIPA has also produced original preform injection molds for the company, and converted others.
“SIPA is a leading company in the business of equipment for bottling in PET,” says Sheikh Ahmed Altheyab at Hana Water. “It turned out to be the best choice especially for large bottles sizes, where it could deliver the complete package from designing the bottle to complete line manufacturing.”
Sheikh Ahmed Altheyab adds: “Over the many years that our two companies have been working together, we have also come to appreciate SIPA’s good after-sales set-up in this part of the world, and that makes them a reliable partner for a leading company like Hana.”
Roberto Sommi at SIPA says the new plant, with its ability to produce 6000 5-L bottles every hour from a single stretch-blow molding station, is very fast and at the same time very versatile. “We think it is very impressive that a single line can produce bottles of quite different shapes and sizes, and also apply standard screw caps and snap-on closures for dispenser/cooler application,” he points out.
"Hana was established over 35 years ago, and has a unique position in the local market with its access to natural underground Deep water wells. It is one of the most prestigious bottled water plants in the Middle East region. Its operations have very high yields, in line with the best production lines in the world.
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