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Al Jouf Healthy Water in Saudi Arabia is relying on SIPA for its latest line for bottling Hilwa mineral water. The company, located in the city of Domat Al-Jandal in the Al Jouf area, obtains its water from a unique underground well, where the proportion of salts and the balance of water components are ideal for direct drinking without the need for any desalination or other treatments to remove contaminants.

Domat Jandal is the oldest city on the Arabian Peninsula. It contains ruins and landmarks dating back to the seventh century BC. The area is also characterized by the cultivation of palm and olive trees, as well as heavy monsoon rains. The area is considered protected and far from any sources of pollution.

Providing demanding customers across the peninsula with high quality water for 35 years now, Al Jouf Healthy Water has been developing its production capability ever since its establishment in 1982. SIPA has now become a partner, with the installation of a new high-capacity filling line.

The SIPA line incorporates an SFR 24 rotary stretch-blow moulding unit directly connected in a Sincro Bloc to a Flextronic S 80.25 electronic volumetric gravity filler. Downstream from this Sincro Bloc is a CIP Unit 1S35, level-, cap-, and label inspection systems, an Opera 400 33T labelling unit, an Altair 40 wrap-around packer, a Genius Active Layer palletizer, and finally an SPF stretch wrapper.

The complete line has already proved itself with high productivity and high reliability. It produces and fills bottles ranging in size from 200 to 600 mL at a rate of 50,400 bottles per hour – independent of bottle volume. “The customer called for very high productivity for a fast growing brand that needs high volumes,” says SIPA’s Roberto Sommi.

“But it wasn’t just a question of speed: during the high season, the line is running 24/7, so it was vital for Al Jouf Healthy Water to have very high reliability to meet the challenging demand from the market. Thanks to our Sincro Bloc configuration pairing two units known for their performance, accuracy, and ease of operation, SIPA has been able to match the requirement in full.”

The line also stands out for its low operating costs and flexibility. With its special handling system that adapts to different necks, the Sincro Bloc requires little time for configuration changes when switching between bottle sizes. The rest of the line is designed with the same concept of fast and reliable changeovers. “At 50,400 bph, every second counts!” says Sommi.

The entire SIPA line is designed to handle lightweight bottles. Once again, the SincroBloc’s neck handling system comes into play, since it never applies pressure to the container. The whole conveying system is designed keep the bottles in the best possible condition.
And finally, the line incorporates the latest technology in palletizing, with the Active Layer system. This brings a gentle touch to layer formation, ideal for lightweight bottles in shrink film.
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