A few months ago, Hansa Borg Bryggerier, Norway's second largest brewery and beverage group, wanted to develop new premium PET bottles for its family of still, sparkling and flavored waters, called Olden. So it called up SIPA.

SIPA responded with new designs of bottles in three sizes – 500mL, 650mL, and 1250mL, and once the original proposals were accepted, it delivered mock-ups and finally the molds to fit on a rotary stretch-blow molding machine already own by Hansa Borg.

Olden is a natural mineral water coming from the 50 km2 Myklebust glacier in Norway’s famous Jostedalsbreen National Park. As the ice on the underside of the glacier melts (after staying in a frozen state for thousands of years), the water flows through Gneiss bedrock, where it picks up minerals, and then some of it flows through pipes directly into Hansa Borg’s bottling plant in Oldedalen, in in Nordfjord. Strict quality requirements ensure that the water is untouched and untreated until it is bottled. Olden mineral water is perfectly clean, crystal clear and fresh. And the bottles are beautiful!
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