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Big energy savings with “green oven” upgrades on SFR and SFL blow molding units

Results coming back from early adopters of SIPA’s latest oven technology for its stretch-blow molding systems confirm claims that massive energy savings are to be made. The new “green” ovens were originally launched on SIPA’s next-generation SFR EVO3 rotary systems, which came onto the market in 2013, in the meantime have also been made available on SFL linear systems. Now, customers with existing standard equipment can reap the benefits too, with special oven upgrades.

Some major customers have already opted for the new “green” ovens. In production of bottles in formats from 0.75 L to 1.5 L, for mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, and milk, they are reporting energy savings of over 40%—and in one case beyond 46%.
Compared to earlier generations of oven, the new “green” ovens have reduced electrical consumption, thanks to the use of new lamps and special materials and coatings for the reflectors. Process conditions are very stable.

The EVO3 came out last year as a result of SIPA’s efforts to improve performance, reliability, and above all added value in customer’s investments. It is fast, highly versatile, very efficient, and it costs less to run. The new oven is one of the key factors in these improvements, which is why SIPA now offers it as an upgrade option for users of various earlier generations of SFR and SFL stretch-blow molding systems.