The next time you come onto the SIPA stand at a show like Drinktec, or the next time you have a meeting in SIPA, there is a very good chance that you will be offered a drink of water. Nothing strange about that, but this water is different. It will come in a bottle just like the one in the picture here. It’s a bottle that was conceived, designed, tested and produced in-house by SIPA, then taken to an independent SIPA customer where it was filled and capped on SIPA equipment, given a label designed by SIPA, and then palletized with SIPA machinery.

SIPA calls the product Bella. Bella, beautiful in Italian, signifies a new and progressive way of understanding packaging design and development. The project that led to its realization provides the perfect demonstration of how SIPA can partner any customer, anywhere in the world, in all phases of a premium packaging project, from the original idea, to design of the bottle and the preform best suited to make it; a bottle that catches the eye of the consumer with its elegant shape and beautiful label. Even the closure was purpose-designed by SIPA. In other words, in everything that a PET bottle development project entails, SIPA is there to lead you to a successful conclusion.
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