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SIPA has rebranded and expanded its range of SFL linear stretch-blow molding machines. New names for existing machines are simpler and more intuitive than before.

The SFL 4 range for large bottles and also for oval and custom shapes is now called SFL Dynamic. Four models in the range hold between two and five molds.

SFL Performance, previously SFL 6, stands for machines with more cavities (between three and eight, depending on model) and higher production (up to 16,000 bph).

SFL Big machines, which can produce containers up to 12 liters in size at medium-to-high speeds, were previously called SFL 6 XXL. There are models, with four, five, or six mold positions

And SFL Maxi, for the largest containers, is what used to be called SFL 1 or SFL 2. Machines take two or three large molds or one extra-large mold.

There are still three SFL WM units for wide-mouth containers; these have a slightly different nomenclature, indicating two, three, or four molds.

One important thing to remember is that while the names have changed, the specifications and advantages, of course, remain the same!

The SFL range now also includes two new small models, the SFL Flex 1 and 2, for production of small batches.


SIPA has extended its SFL range of linear stretch-blow molding machines downwards to include models for production of small batches: the SFL Flex, which is available in two versions, one with two cavities, and the other with just one.

Covering the lower output segment of 1000 to 4000 bottles per hour, these machines are small, flexible, and easy to use. Just like their bigger brothers in the SFL family, both produce very high quality PET bottles, and are ideal for facilitating start-up of new products aimed at all segments – beverages, personal and home care, hot-fill, refillable, and so on, in PET rPET, and other polymers compatible with the SBM process.
The SFL Flex 2 can produce bottles up to 3L in volume, with necks of up to 48mm at speeds of up to 2000 bottles per hour per cavity. It can be equipped with numerous optional features to expand its capability in bottle shape and filling requirements .

Attractive features include quick mold change (20 minutes and possibly less); neck change times of1 hour; and a compact footprint of just 8m².

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